Food industry wor­ker for sandwich pro­duc­tion, Turku

Food industry wor­kers for sandwich pro­duc­tion lines, Turku

We are loo­king for seve­ral sum­mer wor­kers for our client com­pa­ny for posi­tions in the food industry!

This posi­tion requi­res a alrea­dy valid wor­king per­mit in Finland. 

Our client com­pa­ny is a fami­ly busi­ness who­se com­pa­nies pro­duce a varie­ty of both fresh and industrial food items. In addi­tion to their own brands, the­re are many tra­de­mar­ked goods in pro­duc­tion, and the com­pa­ny also works as a subcont­rac­tor for other major food com­pa­nies. The com­pa­ny emplo­ys about 500 people, and their tur­no­ver is about 80 mil­lion euros.

Job desc­rip­tion:

Food industry wor­kers main tasks inclu­de pre­pa­ra­tion and pac­ka­ging of food pro­ducts such as trian­gu­lar sandwic­hes and salads. The pac­ka­ging work takes place in fac­to­ry con­di­tions. The work is a smooth col­la­bo­ra­tion between the food industry wor­ker and a mac­hi­ne on the fresh side of the pro­duc­tion plant. The tem­pe­ra­tu­re in the pro­duc­tion area is approx. 6 degrees, so dress up warm­ly for the workplace!

The wor­king hours are on the week­days and takes place on two shifts which dif­fer eve­ry other week. The mor­ning shift is from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and the eve­ning shift is from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The work may also inclu­de so-cal­led in-between shifts. Wee­kends are always free. The workplace is loca­ted along good trans­por­ta­tion, so you can easi­ly get to work using public transport.

The sum­mer job starts in April-June and lasts at least until the end of August, but depen­ding on the emplo­yee’s situa­tion, it may be pos­sible to con­ti­nue furt­her into the fall or to work along­si­de studies.

We offer:

For the selec­ted per­sons, we offer a sum­mer job with ver­sa­ti­le and varied tasks in a res­pec­ted Fin­nish food com­pa­ny. Hen­ki­lös­tö­lii­ga always offers reliable sala­ry admi­ni­stra­tion ser­vices and a sala­ry in accor­dance with the col­lec­ti­ve agreement.

We expect:

Applicants are requi­red to have a valid hygie­ne pass­port. Selec­ted per­sons must also obtain a sal­mo­nel­la cer­ti­fica­te befo­re star­ting. Pre­vious work expe­rience or stu­dies in food or pro­duc­tion work is a plus, but we are also rea­dy to teach the tasks. The work requi­res dex­te­ri­ty, preci­sion and speed. We also value ini­tia­ti­ve, a posi­ti­ve atti­tu­de and good coo­pe­ra­tion skills! We expect the emplo­yee to be of legal age. This posi­tion requi­res fluent rea­din compre­hen­sion skills in english or fin­nish. The per­son selec­ted for this job must alrea­dy have a valid wor­king per­mit in Finland. 

Applica­tion process

Were you inte­res­ted? Great! Plea­se send your applica­tion as soon as pos­sible, because we start proces­sing applica­tions during the applica­tion period.


Hen­ki­lös­tö­lii­ga, is over 16 years old and one of the stron­gest per­son­nel ser­vice com­pa­nies in Sout­hern Fin­land. Among our hundreds of emplo­yees, the­re are experts in industry, logis­tics and real esta­te, as well as experts in office work and ser­vice industries. We are an acti­ve expert com­pa­ny, and our goal is to make our emplo­yees com­for­table. Hen­ki­lös­tö­lii­ga is a mem­ber of the Associa­tion of Per­son­nel Ser­vices. Our per­son­nel is insu­red in Poh­jo­la in case of acci­dents and occu­pa­tio­nal health care is orga­nized in Mehiläinen.

Join hundreds of satis­fied emplo­yees at Henkilöstöliiga!

Yhteys­hen­ki­lö: Sofia Rajain­mä­ki, p. 0401264715 (Ark. klo 8–16)
Työ­pai­kan osoi­te: Tur­ku, Varsinais-Suomi
Työ alkaa: when agreed in april-june
Työ­ai­ka: Kokoai­kai­nen / 2‑vuorotyö
Työn kes­to: 3 — 6 kk
Palk­kaus: Col­lec­ti­ve agree­ment / Elin­tar­vi­ke TES
Paik­ko­jen lkm: 5
Haku päät­tyy: 28.2.2023
Ilmoi­tus jätet­ty: 30.1.2023
Ilmoi­tus­nu­me­ro: 10421825