As a result of the intensive economic fluctuations, businesses also need to find flexibility in their way of using work force. An ever increasing number of businesses have noted how agency-hired labor as a supplementary resource is both a reasonable and cost-effective solution.

Henkilöstöliiga is one of the biggest temporary staffing services in the Turku economic region. We are the buffer which balances the fluctuation in the need of resources, and finds the right individuals to fill the key positions of your team. Our agenda is to help our clients to build a top-team with a wide range of the expertise demanded by the challenges of today.

Henkilöstöliiga helps businesses with traditional labor hire, direct recruiting and with TA-arrangements that have to do with outsourcing. Acquiring personnel through Henkilöstöliiga means, in practice, that the employees are at the clients disposal like normal, but are on Henkilöstöliiga payroll.

You can also commission Henkilöstöliiga to recruit a regular worker. We conduct an ongoing process of interviewing and charting to fill our personnel register with motivated employees. In so doing we know their attitudes and strengths well. Many of our employees are, in addition to temporary work, ready for permanent employment, so you can easily recruit new staff through us.

Henkilöstöliiga offers both comprehensive and responsible competence in staffing. We take great care in familiarizing ourselves without our client’s staffing needs and as a long-time local operative we know the needs of the business world of Western Finland particularly well. Our mode of operation always includes orientating ourselves with the business and offered work assignment. When you know the background details, it’s easier to find a person, who has the skills and personal chemistry to fit just that work community.

At Henkilöstöliiga we follow the standard conditions of contract which apply to the labor hire done by temporary staffing services (HPL YSE 2014). Our employees have been insured for accidents by Pohjola and occupational health care has been arranged at Suomen terveystalo.

Our net sales in 2017 was approximately 5,3 M€. We are a member of Henkilöpalveluyritysten Liitto (HPL). We are also part of the -service, which has all the up-to-date information about our business.