You can also commission Henkilöstöliiga to recruit regular workers. Our extensive personnel register is full of professionals from varied fields, among whom we will quickly find the most suitable candidates for a job interview.

We conduct an ongoing process of interviewing and charting to fill our personnel register with motivated employees. In so doing we know their attitudes and strengths well. Many of our employees are, in addition to temporary work, ready for permanent employment, so you can easily recruit new staff through us.

If a customer wishes to test and employer before the start of more permanent employment, we can begin by contracting the employee for an agreed term. In such a case the employee is at first an employer of Henkilöstöliiga, after which they will become a permanent employee of the customer business.

We can also do an open recruitment. In such a case we will determine, together with the customer, the tasks and requirements demanded from the person they are seeking for, after which we will handle the recruiting process. We will be in charge of the whole selection process from start to finish, so the customer can focus on their core competence. At the end of the process we will present the applicants best suited for the job to the customer.