It is time to demand new ways.

The ability to react to the changing market is the lifeline for businesses. The dynamic nature of business-life necessitates that businesses also employ flexibility in their use of labor. An ever increasing number of businesses have noted how agency-hired labor as a supplementary resource is both reasonable and cost-effective. Ordering personnel from Henkilöstöliiga means, in practice, that the employees are at your disposal like normal, but are on the Henkilöstöliiga payroll.

Henkilöstöliiga is one of the biggest temporary staffing services in the Turku economic region and we focus on providing staffing services in the fields of industry, logistics, building, sales and office work for our customers. We offer longstanding partnership as well as extensive and responsible personnel competence. We have offices in Turku and Pori. We are a member of Henkilöpalveluyritysten Liitto (HPL). We are also part of the -service, which has all the up-to-date information about our business.

Longstanding partnership and responsible personnel competence.

We take great care in familiarizing ourselves with our clients staffing needs and as a long-time local operative we know the needs of the business world of Western Finland particularly well. Our mode of operation always includes orientating ourselves with the business and the offered work assignment. When you know the background details, it’s easier to find a person who has the skills and personal chemistry to fit just that particular work community.

Our customers have been very satisfied with the employers we have provided for them. Which is no wonder, for each one of them has gone through a strict scrutiny and professional analysis. Try us, you will become familiar with our methods and will see the quality of our working force.